Nulled CS-Cart Multivendor v4.9.2.SP1 NULLED 4.9.2

CS-Cart Multivendor v4.9.2.SP1 NULLED

  1. Mr_Xero
    The developers have released a new version of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.9.2 . Changing the last digit in the version number means “patch version”. Patches usually make minor changes and fix bugs. The most important thing: FFD 1.05 support in the ATOL Online module; Unregistered users can post comments again; Added support for requests with HTTP / 2 in headers and more. FFD 1.05 support in the ATOL Online module Since January 1, 2019, the online ticket office is required to transfer data to the tax in the Fiscal Document Format (FFD) 1.05. CS-Cart 4.9.2 is able to transfer data in this format, but to do this after the update you need: Switch to the FFD version 1.05 in your personal account "ATOL Online". In the settings of the ATOL Online module in CS-Cart, change the API version from 3.0 to 4.0.

    Unregistered users can post comments again.
    In the previous version 4.9.1, users who were not logged in could not provide feedback. In the new version, we fixed this problem: now logging in to the account will be required only when the “Only Buyers Only” setting is enabled in the “Reviews and Comments” module. In other cases, login is not required.

    To avoid spam in the reviews, in the settings of the Comments and Comments module, you can make all reviews (or only reviews from unregistered site visitors) hidden by default. Then they will appear on the site only with the approval of the administrator. Added support for requests with HTTP / 2 in headers

    This technical fix will fix some possible problems with PayPal, Google reCAPTCHA and other third-party services.

    CS-Cart communicates with third-party services through requests and responses that have headers. Previously, in response to your request, CS-Cart always expected to see the HTTP / 1 header. If the response header was HTTP / 2, then CS-Cart could not process such a response. Because of this, problems could arise: the status of the order did not automatically change after payment was confirmed by PayPal; users could not pass anti-test from Google, etc.

    Problems did not occur in all stores: in order for the HTTP / 2 header to arrive in response, the server itself had to be configured in a certain way. If everything worked before, and then, for no apparent reason, it stopped, then a sudden update of the server settings could be guilty. It happens on virtual hosting or on servers with control panels.

    In CS-Cart 4.9.2, the problem was fixed. Now CS-Cart will be able to understand the response, even if the response header contains HTTP / 2.

    Full list of changes:

    License key:
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  1. DragonDF
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    DragonDF New Member

    Dec 20, 2018
    I can not download it.
    "Expired download session"

    It stay in a loop. So, I could not get the download link to download the file.
    Win 7 , Google Chrome and Moz Firefox.
  2. Mr_Xero
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    Mr_Xero Administrator Staff Member

    Apr 24, 2018
    Functions are operating normally. :)
  3. ran
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    ranjeet New Member

    Jan 3, 2019
    its fully nulled should i use for commercial purpose.
  4. hem
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    hemanthteja New Member

    May 6, 2018
    Yes u can use mate;)