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SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme

WHMCS 7.x SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme

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The last WHMCS client theme you’ll ever need…
The SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme has been inspired by many of the latest web design trends and features many areas of customizations from WHMCS’ default “Six” template. The theme offers a companion WHMCS addon that allows you to customize the colors and fonts in order for you to create your own unique experience. This theme is perfect for companies that want to promote a professional aura and impress potential new clients.

The features that you care about...
  • Fully Responsive: This theme works on all devices and is powered by Bootstrap 3
  • WHMCS 7.7 Support: This theme currently supports the latest version of WHMCS.
  • One (1) Year of Support & Updates: This theme comes with 1 full year of support and updates that are renewable at €8.82 each year.
  • Unencoded TPL Files: This theme allows for developers to customize the theme further by not encoding crucial TPL files.
  • Boxed or Full-Width Layout: Select between a boxed style design or a full-width layout.
  • Custom Ticket View: This theme has a custom ticket view layout that resembles a conversation for that personal touch.
  • Custom Order Forms: This theme comes with THREE supported custom order forms you can use...
    • SwiftModders Cart: This is a custom version of the default WHMCS Standard Cart.
    • SwiftModders Comparison: This is a custom version of the WHMCS Premium Comparison Cart.
    • SwiftModders Slider: This is a custom version of the WHMCS Universal Slider Cart.
  • Customized Login Page: This theme comes with a customized login style with an editable background image.
  • Official WHMCS Addon Support: This theme has official support for the Project Management, License Management, and Chat WHMCS addons.
  • Companion WHMCS Addon: A custom WHMCS addon built to add more flexibility to the client theme...
    • Easy Color Theme Adjustment: Set your companies branding colors in the addon to help make it your own.
    • Google Font Support: Change the Google Font selection to the one that best matches your brand.
    • Logo Branding: Swap out the SwiftModders logo with your companies brand.
    • Layout Style: Choose between the full-width or box-style layout for your theme.
    • Dark or Light Header/Navigation: Choose between a dark or light-styled header and/or navigation.
    • Top or Left-Side Navigation: Choose between the top or left-side placement of your navigation.
    • Ticket View Style: You have the choice of going back to the classic-styled ticket view if the new conversation-style does not work for you.
    • Remove SwiftModders Copyright: Enjoy a white-label experience and remove any SwiftModders credits.
    • Custom CSS: Add your own custom CSS or SCSS code to customize your design further.
Browse safer and use updated browsers...
The SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme has been optimized to work on all of the latest browsers, but will not support Internet Explorer 10 and lower. Be sure to upgrade your browser, but here are the browsers this theme supports:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • iOS & Android
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Latest updates

  1. SwiftModders WHMCS Client Theme v2.9.9.2 January 11, 2020 Support for WHMCS 7.9.0 Added “Register” button to the login...