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  1. Mr_Xero

    Updates 2020 Nullrip updates and changes!

    First of all thank you everyone for becoming part of the Nullrip family. Well, as you know I'm the owner/founder of Nullrip. At this moment we do not have much staff. We are only two-person whom maintain the whole community. @Mr_Xero (Administrator) @ApoziX (Moderator) Well, in back to 2017...
  2. Mr_Xero

    Announce New payment method added!

    Hi, We have added new payment method called: "Cryptocurrency Payment" Now we are accepting BTC/ETH etc... Note: Paypal removed. So now only one payment gateway will use in Nullrip.
  3. Mr_Xero

    Share Your Thoughts and Experiences About Nullrip

    Hi everyone! Please share your opinion, advice or anything about Nullrip. We really appreciate your feedback Best Regards
  4. SocialerPk

    Nulled XenForo 2.1.0 NULLED 2.1.0

    XenForo 2.1.0 is now available for download. Some of the changes in XF 2.1.0 include: notes for designers and layout makers, preview links, improved Emoji support and video uploading, Font Awesome 5, PUSH notifications, REST API, content bookmarks, improved moderation queues and many other...
  5. Mr_Xero

    Offer Xonhost BlackFriday 50% Discount on SSD DMCA free Offshore Hosting starting at $0.78/m

    BlackFriday 50% Discount on SSD DMCA free Offshore Hosting starting at $0.78/m XonHost bring simplicity and freshness to keep your website up and running. We are committed to provide reliable anonymous offshore hosting with protection from any encroachment, maintaining our client’s rights to...
  6. Mr_Xero

    Rules How to earn credits?

    Credits is a virtual currency used to purchase resources here in the forum, here are the list of events that you can earn credits from: Logging In = 1SC Registration = 3SC Happy Birthday = 15SC Update Full Profile = 15SC Update Avatar = 5SC Like a Profile Post = 1SC Receive Profile Post Like =...
  7. Mr_Xero

    Announce How to upload a file?

    We do support uploading files on our server. Optional: You can upload your file to one of the servers below! 1. Userscloud.com (highly recommended] 2. Zippyshare.com 3. Mediafire.com 4. Mega.nz 5. Zofile.com
  8. Mr_Xero

    Announce How to post Resources?

    Nullrip is a free script sharing site. We believe in freedom. 1. First, you have to click on "RESOURCES" menu from header. 2. Then click "Add resource" you will see this in the bottom of the page. 3. Choose your script category and click continue. 4. Fill-up all the fields, before...