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  1. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [TH] #Rekt

    #Rekt for XF2 brings the same look and feel as it’s XenForo 1 predecessor designed for gamers. Own #Rekt for XF1? If you have an active license, use coupon code UpgradeRekt to receive 50% off #Rekt for XF2. Use coupon code UpgradeRekt20 for 20% off #Rekt for XF2 if you have ever purchased a...
  2. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [TH ]Boo! (Dark)

    Bring a festive holiday to your forum with this spooky halloween theme! Based on the popular iO Dark theme, Boo! Showcases a vibrant, clean look on your forum.
  3. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [TH] BLOK (LIGHT)

    BLOK is a clean geometric theme that is designed to be easy to use, easy to customize, and fast. Don’t like the geometric art? It can be disabled! Want a different background pattern? Easily switch between four existing presets. Would you rather use the default icon set, or one from another...
  4. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style Legend (DARK)

    If you manage a competitive gaming community, you owe it to yourself and your community to install this collection of gaming themes for XenForo 2. From Apex to Starcraft, your community can talk about their favorite games in a style designed just for them. Legend comes with a variety of...
  5. sircryptic

    Nulled Xenforo 2.1.8 Patch 2 & Upgrade 2.1.8

    XenForo 2.1.8 Released XenForo 2.1.8 is now available for all licensed customers to download. We recommend that all customers running previous versions of XenForo 2.1 upgrade to this release to benefit from increased stability.
  6. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style Sleek - Flat Responsive Gaming Xenforo 2 Theme 2.1.8

    Introducing our new flat grid-styled Xenforo gaming theme, Sleek is an amazingly clean and responsive style for any gaming community. Sleek uses light, crisp visuals with awesome features such as built-in slideshow, partner logos, customizable footer layouts and more! Features Fully...
  7. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [TH] Gift

    Gift Does your community really get into the holiday spirit? Help it go even further with Gift! This theme is centered around giving, and includes a unique gift suggestion feature that’s not just limited to gifts! Share a random link to a holiday article, or share the top 5 items needed by your...
  8. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [TH] BLOK Dark

    BLOK is a clean geometric theme that is designed to be easy to use, easy to customize, and fast. Don’t like the geometric art? It can be disabled! Want a different background pattern? Easily switch between four existing presets. Would you rather use the default icon set, or one from another...
  9. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [DohTheme] Pota 2.1.8

    Pota is our newest premium theme for xenForo 2. It's bright, elegant and subtle look makes it a design that can be used for multiple purposes. Not only is this theme very user-friendly and flexible, but it's also easily customizable to suit your needs. RE-ME Framework Features List You don’t...
  10. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style Villain

    Villain for xenforo 2 Villain is a dark, semi-transparent theme focused around a simple background picker and fixed header. Perfect for any community, but especially great for gaming sites!
  11. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style Vertiforo Dark 2.1.8

    Full responsive Dark & Orange colors (default). Custom colors for main color areas Xenforo 2 (latest version) Nodes custom backgrounds in forum edit Free premade headers in download Header editable in admin panel Custom footer editable in admin panel Slider panel Announcements panel Sidebar...
  12. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Addon [MMO] Hide - hidden text for XenForo 2 2.1.9

    I am not the author, just asked to post. What is there to tell - Hyde :) At the moment, there are 14 bb codes, namely Hidden text for club members Hidden text by the number of days Hidden text for groups Hidden text by the number of likes Hidden text by the number of messages Hidden text until...
  13. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Addon [SVG] Messengers

    First, create, existing a little remake, additional user fields: ICQ Field ID: icq Header: ICQ Description: ICQ number. Display Location: Contact Information Display Order: choose by yourself, for example there is my screenshot. Field type: Single-line text field Requirements for value matching...
  14. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Style [DT] Nubia Light

    Nubia is our latest xenForo 2.0 theme. Its vibrant and colorful, yet clean design gives it a stylish and trendy look. Since this theme is mostly based on options and properties, modifying it to suit your needs has become a real a piece of cake.it comes with 4 different node layout and dark theme...
  15. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X [SF] RolePlay Dark 2.1.3

    Great theme for all fans of RolePlay games/servers! You can also use it on other forums beacause most of features are customisable.
  16. ScarBossWay


    This resource does not include XenForo license / key, this resource is solely a theme modification, you are expected to already have XenForo website (v2.1.1+). - Theme is still in Alpha version and will be heavily updated as time goes. Logo / Any art from the pictures is not included. - You...
  17. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X Source (+ 4 Theme Presets) 1.1.3

    Source – A Digitally Inspired Xenforo Theme Bundle Source is a clean, dark and minimal style for Xenforo 2. Using a soft color palette and modern UI, Source is a digital inspired theme designed around technology and coding. With powerful customization options to create the theme you want...
  18. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X [TH] Class

    Class A classic throwback from XenForo 1, Class has been rebuilt to work with XenForo 2. Class brings an educational feel with dark with textured backgrounds. Make content stand out from the structured, gray-toned color scheme.
  19. ScarBossWay

    XF 2.X [TH] Drift Dark

    Drift Dark Based off its XenForo 1 successor, Drift Dark brings it's many features back to XenForo 2. From adding your own banner, choosing either a fluid or fixed website design, this theme will still work with any style you choose.
  20. F

    Nulled xenforo v2.1.3__full v2.1.3

    XenForo 2.1.3 Nulled Released Some of the changes in XF 2.1.3 include: Don't log when a push notification hits a 406 error as this is a temporary rate limiting issue. Update the Microsoft connected account explain text to point to the new Azure app registration portal...